Q: Can you resize my ring?
A: Sorry, at this time I don't offer a resizing service.

Q: Are you accepting custom orders?
A: I am currently accepting custom orders! This will not last long, so please contact me soon if you would like to work out a custom order. Depending on the scale and scope of the work, I may decline a particular custom order.

Q: How does payment for custom orders work?
A: Upon agreement on a design, 50% of the payment is due up front. The rest is due at the completion of the design, prior to shipping.

Q: Are custom orders or made-to-order items returnable?
A: Unless there is some obvious defect or immediate breakage, no.

Q: How long will my custom order take?
A: Custom or made-to-order items are quoted at 3-5 weeks to completion, not including shipping time. Made-to-order items may take as little as one week. I will give you a range when we discuss your order. Rushing is available for a fee.

Q: How long will my ready-to-ship item take to ship?
A: Your item should ship out within 3 days during most times of year, with the possibility of a maximum 5 days.

Q: What is your return policy?
A: If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you will have 14 days from receipt of your purchase to return your jewelry for a full refund. Buyer pays return shipping. Custom orders or made-to-order items are non-returnable and non-refundable.

Q: Help! I placed an order, and realized I can no longer afford it for this or that reason. Can you cancel my order?
A: As long as I haven't begun special work on your order, or I haven't shipped it out yet, I allow a 24-hour window during which you may cancel your order. After 24 hours, your order cannot be canceled.

Q: Can you modify this item for me? Can you make this ring in my size?
A: Unless it's a simple chain swap-out or something of the sort, this is considered a custom order, and is treated like one. I may be able to do this when my custom orders are open, depending on the work involved. Send me a message at page@luxlunaedesigns.com and we can most likely work something out. The same rules for payment and wait times apply for custom orders in this case.

Q: How come more of your silversmithing work isn't on this site, compared to other types of work?
A: First, my silversmithing tends to sell the quickest, so it disappears more quickly than other items! Second, a lot of my silversmithing is done for custom orders, so these pieces never appear for sale on my site. If you would like a silversmithed piece for yourself, contact me! :)

Q: How do I care for silver? Copper?
A: Silver or copper jewelry should never be worn in the pool or shower. You may leave it on to wash your hands. Please do not wear your jewelry during strenuous activity or exercise. Do not leave rings on overnight--fingers swell overnight, which creates stress on your finger and on your ring. Although I seal it with wax, after a while, copper jewelry may leave a green tint on your skin where it comes into contact with your skin; this is normal and not dangerous, and will come off with regular washing. Silver and copper jewelry can be cleaned using dish soap and water. If especially tarnished, use a soft polishing cloth sold specifically for silver. Please do NOT polish off the intentional dark patina areas. Also, never use commercial silver jewelry cleaning solutions, as these will remove the hand-antiquing or patina of your jewelry! Lastly, please be gentle with your jewelry. Although my pieces are made to last, they shouldn't be thrown, tugged, or pulled around abnormally. Treat them with care :)

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: To most countries, yes.

Q: Do you offer a quantity discount for, say, a bridal party?
A: In most cases, I do. Contact me directly if you have an inquiry of this sort.

Q: My question isn't listed here.
A: Please email me, Page, at page@luxlunaedesigns.com with your question, and allow me a couple days to answer.