About the Artist

My name is Page Masonson, and I'm a multi-media artist and silversmith. I was born on November 1, 1992, in Silver Spring, Maryland, and grew up in nearby Rockville, MD. I attended the University of Pennsylvania, where I received a bachelor's degree in music. I am primarily a vocalist (soprano), but also play some piano, drums, guitar, trumpet, and flute. 

I come from a very crafty, artistic family, and I've been involved in the visual arts for as long as I can remember. I found my love of painting in high school, and received a scholarship for a prestigious painting program in my junior year of high school. I took art and graphic design classes in college, and I still draw, paint, and sculpt regularly, including for commissioned artwork.

I went through several small phases of making jewelry in my teenage years, but it never took off. When I neared my college graduation, I decided I wanted my art to actually go somewhere after I graduated. I started making jewelry again, wire-wrapping and beading, mostly; one thing led to another, and I was soon teaching myself to silversmith. Five months after my graduation, I had opened my first Etsy shop. Following unexpected success selling on Etsy, I moved to my own website--the one you're looking at! Thanks for checking it out!